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SPEAK connects Christian students and young adults to campaign and pray on issues of global injustice. SPEAK approached Oasis Media to generate media awareness for its ‘Big Dress Day’ launch, which aimed to highlight unfair trade rules and the exploitation of workers employed in the garment industry in developing countries.

Media training and press services

SPEAK’s priority was to empower and train staff, volunteers and its network of supporters to engage effectively with the media. So Oasis Media provided training in press release writing and ‘selling in’, effective internal liaison around media campaigns and ongoing maintenance of media contacts databases.

Big Dress Day

In support of ‘Big Dress Day’ we reviewed SPEAK's existing media databases and created a fully-targeted media contacts list. We worked with staff to ascertain where groups of students could give local angles to regional media. We oversaw the photography, produced and distributed both an advance and a same-day post-event press release, and provided an end-of-campaign report.

Speak event in Coventry

Photo credit: John Falzon for SPEAK